What happened to Ignition?

Same church, same heart, new name.

Is everything alright? What happened to Ignition Church?

Yes! Never fear - all is well. But a few things have changed.

Most obviously, our name. And we also got a permanent space, which is pretty great.

But beyond that, we’re still the same church. Same pastor, same people, same heart. We felt that it was time to further clarify to ourselves, our guests, our city, and the world exactly who we are as a church. We feel compelled that Jesus has called His church to be known primarily as two things in this world:

  1. A city on a hill.
  2. Disciples who make disciples.

Hence the name - Maker City Church.

There's more to the story, but it's probably best explained in the sermon Pastor Hunter preached earlier this year, appropriately titled A New Name. You can click the button below to listen.

We appreciate you reading, and hope you're as excited for the new name as we are.