The Illusion of Balance

by Pastor Hunter Wright

SEEKING: Balance

A lot of people I know strive so hard for a balanced life. How do I balance work and rest? How do I balance time with family and friends? If you have kids, maybe you're seeking the balance of comfort and correction, fun and focus.

But I’m not so sure there is such a thing. In fact, people much smarter and farther along in life, family, and ministry than I have firmly declared there is no such thing as balance.

Moreover, I don’t see Jesus living a balanced life.

I see Him living a full life. Life to the full. A joyful life. A life full of joy. A peaceful life. Life full of peace. You get it... But it was also a painful life, a life full of pain. A sacrificial life. A life full of sacrifice.

That seems antithetical to us. We don’t think those things can or should coexist. That’s because we see from the world’s perspective - dualistic. And from that same perspective we pursue balance. But it’s a myth.

Jesus didn’t live a balanced life. He lived a skewed life.

Skewed entirely in the direction of doing what He was purposed to do.

And He wants to free us from the never-ending, always-fleeting pursuit of balance. Free us to live all out. To live on purpose.

I want to live a life entirely skewed. Skewed in the direction of doing more and more of what I was created to do and less of what I wasn’t. I want to live free from distractions and comparisons and manipulatory attempts at balance that only result in more stress.

You were created to be yourself. Specifically you were created to be yourself to the people the Father has given you to. They need you to be you.

Don’t waste your time trying to juggle. Give your heart all out to following Jesus and being who He has created you to be and you will find you are exactly where you're supposed to be, even if your life doesn’t appear to be balanced.